Блог Блог им. als Блог им. als Бочко-каякинг

Гребем и плаваем на всем,… что не тонет...

A Frenchman in America.-The Anglo-Saxon race revisited. With… illustrations by E. W. Kemble 1891

A Diary in the East during the tour of the Prince and Princess of Wales. 1869

A popular history of the United States from the first discovery of the western hemisphere by the Northmen, to the end of the first century of the union of the states 1876

Across Africa, 1877

Curiosities of Savage Life… With woodcuts… by H. S. Melville;… and coloured illustrations… by F. W. Keyl,1864

The Peoples of the World 1890

1891 Print Gopher Boat River Circular Traditional Ethnic Transport

North Dakota Indians Circular Canoes Foraging. 1875

Through Unexplored Asia… Illustrated by L. J. Bridgman. 1899

1879 Coracle Fishing

Coracles in Wales

Ахмед ибн Фадлан. Записка о путешествии на Волгу

Great African Travellers… By W. H. G. K. and H. Frith 1885

Gróf Széchenyi Béla keleti utazása India, Japan, China, Tibet és Birma országokban. (1878-80)

1893 River Jumna India Sportsman Shooting Rapids Zuruai

Fur-Traders' Canoes Imperiled by Rapids on the Red River of the North

A.D. McClintock. Battell arrives at the mouth of the Mbengo, illustration from 'The Land of the Golden Trade', published by Jack in 1921

A man in a barrel crossing the Niagara Falls, illustration from 'Le Petit Journal', supplement illustre, 9th October 1910

Gabriel Bray. African canoe paddling through surf

Василий Шульженко. Наводнение

The eight-oared victors; a story of college water sports 1913

1916 Henley Boat-race Wash-tubs Soldiers Troops

A Coracle Race on the Severn at Ironbridge, Shropshire, from 'The Illustrated London News', 9th October 1881

Lantern, Magic. MossJoanne

ЮТ 1968 № 7


John L. Stoddard's Lectures [on his travels] 1897

Riesen Bierfass, darauf fahren Menschen Boot und schwimmen im Bier 1901

Pem. Illustration from 'Le Sourire', July 1931

Козельский Анатолий. Водный променад

Козельский Анатолий. Три мудреца

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